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My Name is Shelly and I am Addicted to the Scale


For those of you who have read a few of my recent blog posts, you know that I am in the midst of working on the P90X3 program. Wowser, it is tough but makes you feel strong and great when you finish.

Still, I have struggled with my weight for as long as I can remember. I am about 25lbs overweight now and it gets frustrating when I eat right, exercise and my scale number does not go down.

So yesterday I weighed and the number was up!! Needless to say I was in a bad mood all day.

My husband, who is tired of me allowing the scale to dictate how I feel, has hidden my scale.

This might not seem like a big deal. But I am someone who weighs myself about 5 times a day: In the morning when I wake up, after lunch, before dinner, after dinner, before bed. I even weigh myself in the middle of the night when I have to get up to use the bathroom.

I know this isn’t healthy, and yet I am drawn to see what the number says. If it is good, I can eat lunch. If it is bad I need to skip lunch. This is the mentality of a crazy person I know. I have never claimed to be the sanest person.

But now, for a week, I am forced to have no scale. How will I know how I am supposed to feel? How will I know if I can eat lunch or not?

There is a Walmart down the road; I guess I could “go shopping.”

Am I alone? Am I the only one who allows the scale to dictate how they feel?