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Being a Good Mommy Isn’t Always Rainbows and Unicorns



So, last Thursday night, baby girl came down with the stomach virus. Seeing someone vomit makes daddy vomit, actually hearing someone make the vomiting sound could make daddy vomit, so mommy to the rescue.

*** Aren’t you impressed by how many times I can say vomit in one paragraph!

Truthfully, I didn’t mind at all. I mean, I hate she was sick but since she was, I wanted to be close to her and let her know how much I loved her, rubbing her back while she did her business and holding her close in her bed while she tried to get some sleep between bouts back and forth to the bathroom.

By the next morning she was all better. Fast forward 48 hours and guess who has the virus now. Yep, it was mommy. It was an awful, painful, exhausting night. But, I would do it again. I don’t want to do it again, but I would if that meant I was making baby girl feel better.

My husband said to me yesterday, when I was feeling better. “Now I bet you wish you hadn’t slept up there with her the other night.” Nope, that is not what I wish. What I wish is that I could have bypassed the virus. I would have slept up there with her again if it happened. I would do if she had the flu, strep throat, any kind of contagious disease at all. Mommy will ALWAYS be there by her side.

That is the price we pay as mommies. I would step in front a bus for her, I would do anything in my power to make her feel better always and forever.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I am sure if for some reason I wasn’t able to, my husband would have stepped up to the plate, reluctantly, but he would have stepped up to the plate to take care of baby girl. But with mommy around, he didn’t have to.

Sometimes being a mommy or a daddy isn’t rainbows and unicorns, sometimes it’s rubbing a back that hunched over a toilet. No matter what it is the best job in the world and it pays in smiles, hugs, and kisses from my little angel. That is the best currency there is!


God Was Going To Drink Her?


Today my brother and ten-year-old nephew were sitting in my living room looking over a photo book I had recently made of our cruise vacation.

As they looked over the pictures, my brother came to this one…


His eyes lit up and his heart warmed. He said to my nephew,“and to think she was made in a cup.”

For those of you who may not know, my husband and I were married 18 years and trying for a baby before we finally sought out the help of fertility specialist. We had In-Vitro 3 times before one finally stuck.

That beautiful little girl who was made in petrie dish is our pride and joy.

My nephew, though he probably knows as we talk about it often, he likely doesn’t realize what In-Vitro actually means. Who knows if he even really knows how a baby is conceived the normal way.

So my brother said, “and to think she was made in a cup.”

And my nephew immediately, and with complete seriousness followed with, “So God was going to drink her?”

Oh, how I love that boy!

Kid Classics! Funny Things Baby Girl has Said!


What perfect timing for a daily prompt of Uncanned Laughter!

Here are just a few of the things that she has said to make me smile lately.

  • An Xfinity commercial was on TV the other day and when it was over she yelled “XFINITY AND BEYOND!”
  • A few days after the start of her Pre-K:
    Me: “What did you learn at school today?”
    Her: “We didn’t… you know… do that learning stuff!”
  • Her daddy was helping her clean her room a while back and I kept hearing her say “No, Daddy that’s not where that goes.” Finally, she just screams, “Daddy, just don’t help me!”
  • Instead of “Eenie meanie miney mo, catch a tiger by his toe.” She sings “Eenie meanie miney mo, catch a money by his toe.”
  • She sings! “Nick Nack Paddy Wack, Nickel on the bone, this ole man came rolling home” 

Oh my, there are so many more things she says and does that brightens my day. But that is all I can think of for now!


Happy Monday!


Celebrate The Small Things- August 1st…ahhmm 2nd edition


Friday’s are the day to  CELEBRATE all the small things.

This is a blog hop hosted by VikLit. It is a simple reminder that you don’t have to have HUGE things in your life to celebrate you can simply celebrate the small things. Those things are important too!vik - small things 2

However, I keep forgetting to celebrate on Friday so this Saturday morning August 2nd I will celebrate!

This week I celebrate:


  • I am doing much better with keeping up and writing on my blog. I had wanted to post something every day in July. That didn’t work but I did on most days.
  • I am thinking about the synopsis… I am going to get that done this week!


  • I am 2/3 the way through Sinister by Lisa Jackson.


  • I am on week 5 of P90X3 – I did 3 weeks of the first P90X before I started this – So really on week 8 of doing some sort or P90X workouts! I am finally starting to see a change. My clothes are fitting better, I am stronger, I am more flexible!
  • My baby girl starts Pre-K on Monday. I am celebrating but Monday I might be crying!

Okay that is it!
I hope you all have a great weekend and if you want to join the bloghop just sign up on the linky below!

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20 Things you should know about 4-Year-olds


1. They do NOT have a volume control. They have one setting… LOUD!

0582. You should never leave them alone to wash their hands – unless you are interested in finding your sink and counter covered in water and bubbles because they were “cleaning” them too!

3. All 4-year-old girls are princesses… Know it… Deal with it…

4. All 4-year-old boys are Super Heroes.

5. They are horrible cleaners. Give them a broom and they will spread dust throughout the house. Give them laundry to fold and you will realize you need to rewash that same laundry.

6. You can’t rationalize with a 4-year-old… they are silly little humans.

7. They are giving. My daughter brings me “stuff” wrapped in her blankets all the time. I have been given doll shoes, play food, crumbled paper, dirty socks, and tons of other items from her room.

8. They are brutally honest – Be careful when asking questions such as “Do I look fat?” if you do, your 4-year-old will tell you the truth.

Christmas 2013 0169. They are liars – When asked who wrote on the wall of your bedroom – be prepared for an answer such as “I don’t know.” Or “Mickey Mouse came over and did it.”

10. They are shape shifters. At a moment’s notice they can turn into a Unicorn, Fairy, Cowboy, or Karate fighter.

11. They are curios – the “Why” questions do not end with the toddler years they continue, forever!

12. They are observant. They are paying attention even when you don’t think they are, watching everything you do and learning what is okay, so be very careful!

13. They have great hearing. You can whisper “ice cream” from 4 rooms away and they will come running yelling “ICE CREAM!”

14. They have horrible hearing. For some reason words like “Clean your room” or “Time to go” are impossible for a 4-year-old’s ear to hear and process.

15. At any moment they may break out in song – normally when you are on an important phone call.

16. At any moment they may break out in dance – probably in the grocery store.

stuff 01117. They are fun – Filling up their belly with water or juice and then jumping around to hear it splashing inside of them is normal.

18. They are stubborn little tarts – Truthfully they are just learning and testing their boundaries to become independent little people.

19. They need you to be present. When they make you a bowl of necklace soup you must stop and eat some.

20. Their hugs are the closest thing you will ever get to Heaven.

Summer Lovin’


Summer is my favorite time of year so I was excited when the weekly photo challenge was Summer Lovin’

Here are a few of my favorite summer photos

Footprints In The Sand

Footprints In The Sand

Why Must Summer End?

Why Must Summer End?

I will CRUSH you!

I will CRUSH you!

Sunset off of Myrtle Beach, SC

Sunset off of Myrtle Beach, SC

Seagull Summer

Seagull Summer

My two favorite loves in summertime

My two favorite loves in summertime

Yay! The Ocean! Oh how I have missed you!

Yay! The Ocean! Oh how I have missed you!

All photos property of Shelly Tennyson Taylor

Loving Timehop


Does anyone else have the Timehop app on their phone? It is an app that looks back on your Social Media posts and reminds you of things or pictures you posted on this day in the past.

I absolutely love this app. Today it reminded me that five years ago on this day I had 7 eggs harvested for In-Vitro fertilization. It would be our 3rd try and out of those 7 eggs, I got my beautiful baby girl! Who is now 4 years old and about to go to Pre-K.