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Loving Timehop


Does anyone else have the Timehop app on their phone? It is an app that looks back on your Social Media posts and reminds you of things or pictures you posted on this day in the past.

I absolutely love this app. Today it reminded me that five years ago on this day I had 7 eggs harvested for In-Vitro fertilization. It would be our 3rd try and out of those 7 eggs, I got my beautiful baby girl! Who is now 4 years old and about to go to Pre-K.




To Blog or Not to Blog


Well, I have been doing a lot of reading on writing and getting published the last few days and the consensus seems to be that if you are a new writer, or even an experienced one but have not yet made it to the realm of Nicholas Sparks, Nora Roberts or Stephen King, then you need to also be a blogger.

Really, I like to blog, but some days I would just like to do work on my writing and not have to turn my mind in a new direction and blog. But if that is what has to be done to work my way towards a publishing deal, then fine. I will blog.

Blog, blog, blog.

But seriously, this new trend for aspiring authors is interesting. It really is about social media. If I have a ton of blog followers then maybe those people will buy my book when it is published. Not necessarily the case but it is what a publisher dreams of happening. Blogging, Facebook, and Twitter are all social media outlets that the up and coming aspiring writer needs to have their hands into.

I don’t even think it matters what I blog about and that is good news. Some days I might post about my writing, others I might post about my toddler and as I have done in the past you might get a yummy recipe from me.

So here is to working my way towards a publishing deal and for blogging my brains out!